24 x 7 Cyber threat protection

Managed Security Service

Employing Lanmark as your managed security service provider (MSSP) to monitor your IT networks, detect threats, and manage systems ensures an up-to-date secure infrastructure.

Our team will investigate all indicators or behaviour that is deemed malicious or non-malicious 24/7/365 with quick active containment where necessary.

Your business will be better protected from cyber risks than others that manage security in-house with insufficient resources and expertise.


Managed Protection

Endpoint Detection & Response

Our Managed Next-Generation Endpoint Protection program uses state of the art Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools and techniques mastered by our skilled threat hunters to quickly investigate potential malicious behaviour and associated activities on your systems.

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Security Information and Event Management

SIEM combines log management to allow Lanmark to analyse and assess threats in real-time, enabling both detection and automatic prevention of potentially malicious activity caused by threat actors or malware. This approach enhances policy enforcement, containment, and remediation by our SOC.

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User and Entity Behaviour Analysis

Lanmark’s UEBA builds on top of the rich data generated by Intrusion Detection and Protection leveraging machine learning to enrich the wide range of data points. With baseline behavioural context, the SOC can quickly and easily pinpoint behaviours like unusual login patterns, sudden or anomalous system activity, or abnormal process activity that could indicate serious threats.

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