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From Broadband to Gigiabit Ethernet, MPLS & SDWANS, SIP Channels, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


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Fibre-based Ethernet services
Fibre Ethernet products are highly reliable and resilient, have no distance limitations and deliver speeds from 100mbs to 10Gbs. The Service Level Agreements normally have a 4 hour fix time.

The disadvantage is these services will take a longer time to install, with installation around 60-90 working days. These timescales assume there are no delivery, cabling or ducting issues in the area as cable literally has to be installed through existing ducting from the local point of presence of the ISP into your premises.

Where there are collapsed ducts or indeed there are no ducts in place, the road will need to be closed to install the service which can often double or even treble the installation timescales and the extra work will be chargeable.

Our team of specialists can advise on the services available to your business and will make recommendations based on your location and future business plans.


Copper-based Ethernet services
Ethernet delivered over copper cabling uses the existing copper cable in the ground (phone lines) and are installed far quicker than fibre Ethernet circuits, with installation typically in under 30 working days.

The circuits have SLA’s on them (normally 7 hours fix time), are uncontended and are often more cost-effective than full-fibre Ethernet circuits.

The disadvantage is that these circuits are limited, typically, to a maximum of 20mbs upload/download speed which makes them not fit for purpose to deliver modern Cloud computing and are often reliant on the distance from the exchange to achieve the top speeds.


Discuss your Internet communications requirements with one of our consultants today. We can check the availability in your area within minutes.