Readiness & Proof of Value

Readiness Assessment

We’ll review your existing IT Systems and provide an outline of how they could be optimised to work better for you. We’ll also give you an analysis of expected Cloud running costs, so you can apply our estimate to your financial forecast.

Proof of Value

Our Proof of Value service provides an even more comprehensive analysis and detailed cost options to help you unlock the full potential of Cloud migration.

We’ll help you understand where adjustments might be needed to your current systems, so you can benefit from Cloud services in terms of performance, scalability and cost.


Proof-of-Concept & Migration

Proof of Concept

If you’re keen to assess the value of the Cloud without committing long-term, we can offer a proof of concept pilot.

This option is great for businesses who are short on time and want confidence in the value of the Cloud before they proceed with a full scale migration.

Cloud Migration

To guarantee a smooth and successful Cloud migration, you’ll need the right skills and resources in place.

Lanmark’s Cloud Accelerate programme provides immediate access to everything you need when preparing and implementing your Cloud migration strategy. Reduce risk and get it right first time!


Enablement & Managed Services

Enablement Partner

Ideal for larger organisations, our Enablement Partner services will help you regain control of your IT function. We can help you bring outsourced services back in-house and even provide interim support whilst you build your new team. Once you’re ready, we’ll simply hand over all resources so you can take it from there!

Managed Service

Our managed Cloud services are an ideal way of consolidating costs and include ongoing management and 24/7 support from our award-winning team.

We’ll design, build and manage your Cloud environment to reduce risk, save time and allow you to focus on other areas of your business.


Cost Optimisation & Best Practices

Cost Optimisation

By analysing your spend and usage of integrated Cloud services, we’ll build out a tailored optimisation package to make sure you’re getting the very best from your cloud migration investment.

Best Practice

Drawing on our vast experience and knowledge of the market, we’ll provide best practice advice to make sure your Cloud deployments are optimal, efficient and scalable. We’ll also keep you informed of new developments and opportunities available as Cloud technology continues to evolve.

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