Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Reliable & Scalable Cloud Computing Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is powerful business tool that allows businesses to work more flexibility and benefit from multiple features of moving to a cloud-based platform. Lanmark provide businesses of all sizes a practical cloud solution, focusing on everything from migration, to support and cost saving to ensure your cloud journey is as smooth and well-managed as possible. With nearly 15 years' of experience and a fully certified, award winning team, you can trust us to manage your transition to the cloud.

AWS Migrations

One of the biggest challenges you may be facing is how to get from your current infrastructure into AWS. Whether it's a migration or re-platforming we can plan, design and deliver your migration, quickly and efficiently.

AWS Support

Our Support Services are tailored to your requirements and offer 24/7 monitoring and assistance. Our team of Support, Network and Security experts will ensure your environment performs as expected.

AWS Consultancy

From best practice and security advice to planning and architecture design, our team of Amazon certified consultants can help by providing you with resources and expertise where needed for your cloud project.

AWS Optimisation

Optimisation ensures you are paying the best price and your cloud service runs at maximum efficiency.

Our cost analysis can help you unlock financial benefits such as right-sizing, reserved and spot instances.

AWS Services We Provide


Using our cloud expertise, we will provide you with a tailor-made AWS strategy to fit you and your businesses needs.

Award Winning Customer Service

Our award-winning, UK based team, offer 24/7 support for your business. This ensures you’re kept up to date with any issues and are covered at all times.


Be it from a data centre or public cloud provider, we are able to assist with moving applications and infrastructure.

AWS Partner

As a certified AWS Partner we are trusted to deliver the highest consultancy standard ensuring your business optimises its spend, is fully covered throughout the migration process and is supported by our team thereafter.

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